Ana Bárbara, Cardi B and other celebrities who have done the controversial “Silhouette Challenge”

Ana Bárbara, Cardi B y otras famosas que han hecho el polémico “Silhouette Challenge”

Cardi B.

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A new trend reached social networks and is gaining more and more strength, it is about “Silhouette challenge” (The challenge of the silhouette) which consists of showing a video in the style “before and after” showing the apparently naked figure with a red color filter that only lets you see the silhouette of the person. Now some celebrities are starting to sign up on social networks, however many are already beginning to warn about the dangers of this viral challenge.

EJ Dickson, who is a journalist for the magazine Rolling stone, he pointed out on his Twitter account that he found videos on YouTube where there were tutorials to remove the red filter, which could expose people making their clips without clothes.

“Obviously I’m not going to link them, but there is a video on YouTube offering tutorials on how to“ remove ”the filter from the challenge of TikTok, where the women dance partially naked. This is a huge consent violation and YouTube should remove them now, ”he wrote.

This sparked a debate on social networks, however it seems that it has not stopped users from doing it, among them are some famous personalities.

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What celebrities have done the Silhouette challenge?

One of the first celebrities to make a clip was the singer Lizzo, who is known not only for her artistic work but also for promoting the movement body positive that seeks to make visible the reality of the woman’s body. She danced on the stairs with the particular song and the TikTok filter.

Thalía was not left behind And since she loves participating in all kinds of viral challenges, she also chose to join the trend. However, she took her precautions and wore a tight swimsuit that showed off her figure without showing too much.

The rapper Cardi B He showed his best pole dance steps and with a video he surprised his followers, “it is very difficult to do tiktoks”, he commented on his Instagram.

Finally Ana Barbara She is one of the celebrities who most recently joined the challenge. She preferred to give it a comic touch and unlike the rest, did not use the red filter and he preferred to make his own setting, where his outfit could be seen well.

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