Ancelotti: “Bale wanted to say goodbye, but it wasn’t right”

Ancelotti: "Bale quería despedirse, pero no estaba bien"

Forceful and with the look in Paris, that’s how it came out Ancelotti to the last League press conference. The game against Betis was more of a tribute than a rehearsal. But he pointed to several proper names, such as Marcelo, who may have spent his last night in Chamartín. EITHER Iscoto which Carletto he left a message: “I could do more.” He clarified that Alaba will reach the Champions League final and will play it 100%. And he said that bale he wanted to say goodbye… but that wasn’t right.

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Press conference

How do you rate Marcelo’s season? Has he been the best left-back in the history of Madrid?

“I think he hasn’t said goodbye yet, because he’s still our captain and he will be in the Champions League final. If he leaves in the end, one of the greats of world football and one of the best full-backs in the world will.”

Can Rodrygo be decisive as a substitute and come out in the second half of Paris?

“He is an important player, yes. When he came on from the bench he has contributed and when he has been a starter, too. Whether he or someone else will play is a decision I will make in the next few days. Although everything is clear to me”.

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What grade do you give your team in this League?

“Very high. We started well and finished better. We had continuity and, although sometimes we played worse, the commitment was never lacking. From the collective work, I highlight the individual matches of Courtois, Benzema, Vinicius… All of them. I stay with the group I am grateful to the players who have never lowered their arms, not even when they were not playing. That, the atmosphere in the locker room, has made the difference”.

Is Alaba going to come to Paris? Why wasn’t Davide Ancelotti on the bench?

“Yes. But today there was no need to risk. He will play 100%, although he has not done so since April 26. In these types of games, not only the physical aspect influences, but also the mental one. Davide Ancelotti was not on the bench today because he is doing the UEFA Pro course in Wales, he will be back on Sunday.

What balance do you make of Isco?

“He made his debut in my first game with Real Madrid, and he scored with a header. A fantastic career ended here today. Isco could do more, but he has been a very important piece in recent years”.

What did you think of Bale’s non-farewell?

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“He wanted to say goodbye, he wanted to play, but he was not well. I think he will come to Paris.”

Marcelo and Ancelotti hug each other on the pitch at the Bernabéu.

mixed zone

What conclusions can be drawn from this game?

“We played the one we wanted to play, without risking and with a good rhythm. It went well, I gave minutes to those who needed it most and now, let’s prepare for the final”.

Was not risking one of the objectives?

“Yes. It didn’t make sense to do it. We needed a game with little intensity and we’ve had it. Now to rest for two days (Madrid won’t train on Saturday or Sunday) and to prepare for the game”.

Did you like the first part better?

“It was quite a slow pace, we didn’t push too much. We tried to control the ball. We couldn’t ask for more.”

Do you know who is going to play on Saturday?


Of headlines?

“From starters and then… let’s see what happens during the game. Not all those who start will finish. It’s hard to think that it ends with the same eleven”.

Do you have different scenarios in mind for what might happen in the final?

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“The plan is quite clear. We know LIverpool very well, they have different characteristics. It’s time to plan a match where the quality we have can be demonstrated”.

The meeting in the central circle at the end of the game, was it also to fire Marcelo?

“I don’t know. I think he’s talking to the club, but we all have Saturday’s game in mind. He’s focused on that, like everyone else.”

How much do you want for May 28 to arrive?

“Until Saturday, I’m going to enjoy it to the fullest. I’ve lived many games like this, but it’s always special and we have to enjoy it”.


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