Ancelotti: “Others would like to be where Real Madrid is…”

Carlo Ancelotti, entrenador del Real Madrid.

Ancelotti: "Others would like to be where Real Madrid is..."

How do you manage anxiety, nerves, when you can prepare for a match so far in advance?

We must not forget the happiness also of playing this game. You can have a little worry, it’s quite normal when you’re going to face a strong rival, but today we’re happy and we enjoy it a lot. I enjoy it very much. Right now I have no worries, I’m happy to have time to prepare for the match. We are in the place that many others would like to be, to play the most important game in world football. So why anxiety today? We are going to enjoy it all week. The worry can come a bit before the game and then there is another happiness or a bit of sadness.


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