ancestral feminine care after pregnancy

ancestral feminine care after pregnancy

The Rebozo treatment is a traditional feminine treatment of Mexican origin which is beginning to be more and more practiced in France. This deep relaxation technique has many virtues for pregnant women. This ritual, which generally involves two practitioners, consists of performing a very pleasant tightening movement that is beneficial for moral, physical and psychological health. Having heard about this miracle treatment, I myself wanted to carry out my little investigation to find out more about what Rebozo is, its origins and its benefits, but also on the course of a treatment session. Here is everything you need to know about this traditional Mexican scarf and the care it allows.

What is the origin of Rebozo?

Used by women since time immemorial, especially in Central America, Rebozo is Mexican origin. In Mexican tradition, young mothers were strongly advised to stay in bed for about 40 days after childbirth. This precious parenthesis was specially dedicated to body and mind rest as well as meeting women with their babies. At the end of this period, they could calmly resume the course of their lives.

During this period of rest and communion with their offspring, the practice of Rebozo care was recommended to these young mothers. This is an ancestral ritual whose purpose was at the origin of refocus and reconnect the woman to her body from tightening movements of the body and a massage often performed by two other women. I had the chance to discover and see the benefits of this traditional treatment.

Over time, knowledge about the use of Rebozo has spread to four of the world. We thus find the traditional use of cloths for different treatments in many cultures, with surprising similarities compared to the use of Rebozo.

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The Rebozo, what does this post-pregnancy treatment consist of?

As I just mentioned, the Rebozo is a Mexican scarf which is generally used by women as a fashion accessory or simple clothing. Often hand-woven from natural fibers such as cotton, but also from other materials such as wool, this fabric is particularly strong and stretchy. It is precisely thanks to its extension that this fabric is able to adapt to any type of morphology.

This textile is available in a wide variety of patterns and colors. Some models are made up of a patchwork of colors and materials. This reveals their great capacity for customization. In addition, the Rebozo is also available in different thicknesses and lengths.

Rebozo is often used by traditional midwives for massage, pelvic tightening, and supportive exercise during pregnancy and sometimes during childbirth. This fabric is also used during postpartum care for young mothers to treat certain ailments such as heartburn, pain in the ribs, bloating problems… In addition to these uses, Robozo is a fabric also used to protect against the sun. Finally, it also serves a wrap or basket for shopping.

When used for massage, the length of the tissue largely depends on the size of the massager, but also on the massage technique used. For a better practice of Rebozo care, I advise you to choose a fabric traditionally woven as is often the case for scarves. The Rebozo used for your massage must above all be firm and benefit from a little elasticity.

The stages of a Rebozo treatment and its benefits

Rebozo treatments consist of performing a relaxation massage to a young mother in order to relieve joint pain often associated with childbirth. Indeed, from the beginning of pregnancy until the birth of the child, the body of the woman inevitably undergoes some transformations.

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Whether it is the months of pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding periods, we are witnessing a change in different parts of the woman’s body. This is particularly the case of the pelvis, but also other parts of the body such as the joints. Carried out by certified practitioners, Rebozo treatments allow women to recover from joint pain and recover after childbirth.

Rebozo treatments provide women with many other mental, physical and emotional benefits. They thus allow her to revitalize herself, to refocus on herself and to reintegrate her mental, physical and psychological energy. Beyond a simple session of relaxation and well-being, Rebozo treatments also offer women an excellent opportunity to open up to your femininity and free yourself from the experience of childbirth. In some cases, this care also allows the woman to regain her sexual desire.

rebozo explanation

How is a Rebozo treatment session carried out?

Rebozo treatments generally take place in 3 stages that last on average two and a half hours. The first step is to perform an oil massage for two or more people to promote deep relaxation of the woman. It also follows a hammam with essential oils or a hot flowery bath for a complete cleaning and introspection on all levels.

The last step of care is to perform a wrap and tightening on seven key points of the body in order to give women momentum and verticality. This is mainly done on the head, shoulders and stomach, but also on the thighs, pelvis, calves and feet. The ritual consists in performing more or less important rocking movements in order to gently rock the woman in the Rebozo. This relaxing and soothing massage is deeply felt by the woman.

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Throughout the ritual, a herbal tea with flavored plants is often offered to the woman. Usually made with rosemary or cinnamon, this herbal tea plays an important role during the ritual. It does indeed participate in the rise of heat, but it is also nourishing and remineralizing.

Who are Rebozo treatments for?

Originally, Rebozo treatments were intended exclusively for pregnant women in order to relax and de-stress them, but also to fight against fatigue. This treatment was also used by pregnant women to support a change in the baby’s position. Speaking of change, Rebozo treatments are now more and more recommended to women going through an important stage in their life (moving, change of job, first moon, divorce, etc.). This relaxing massage was also intended for all women who undergo a change of state (menopause, widow, grandmother, etc.).

In addition, this traditional practice of helping relaxation during this important time for women has evolved over time. Indeed, due to its many benefits, more and more people such as athletes, children and even the elderly willingly try out the pleasures of Rebozo treatments. This practice has therefore been liberalized and is now used by any person (man or woman) to treat various ailments such as back pain, neck pain, head pain, and also for the treatment of cramps and muscle tears. .

Rebozo treatments are also preferred by people who do not like to be directly touched during their massage sessions. I strongly recommend this practice to de-stress you during a long day at work. You can also offer Rebozo care to your friends or a family member in the form of baby birth gift, wedding gift or for an anniversary.

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