And 30 million for the sales figures of the iPhone SE (2022)?

iPhone SE 3

Sean Lin and Luke Lin, analysts at DigiTimes, estimate that the new iPhone SE unveiled last week by Apple could sell up to thirty million units and this alone during the current year. The magazine is renowned for regularly sharing predictions of the genre, and followed by many investors who have bet on the title of Apple on Wall Street.

These numbers are certainly large, but sign a insignificant difference with the estimated figures of the previous generation of the mobile. Released in 2020, it offered more or less the same value proposition but with a less efficient processor and above all without 5G connectivity. A standard, however, considered more as a marketing argument than as a real breakthrough for consumers according to most media, which measure a negligible difference with LTE for the general public.

A fairly quiet first quarter

Cupertino would also not have expected more than five million iPhone SE by the end of March, which should therefore not seriously influence the financial results which will be announced in April. The firm has not yet decided on the date of publication of these statistics, which will be followed by a brief exchange with shareholders as usual.

From the second half of the year, however, the situation should accelerate before slowing down by the holiday season. Yet it is this that generates the most income for Apple, also with Black Friday Week as a growth factor, but let’s bet that the iPhone 14 and their supposed Pro versions will once again be sources of records to compensate.

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Meet today

The third generation iPhone SE – with its screen of 4.7 inches and its home button incorporating Touch ID’s biometric unlocking will officially be in the hands of the first customers today. We will then be able to discover it from every angle on video, especially since it is not uncommon for some buyers to receive their package a little earlier.

Device cost: 529 euros, more than the previous edition. With, of course, iOS 15 compatibility and all the accompanying privacy features.

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