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The perfect time to start any project is when the desire to fulfill it is latent and constant in your heart.

A few days ago one of my brothers who lives in Puerto Rico visited me, it was a very welcoming week. Among so many conversations that we had, because we went to bed every day at dawn, he said to me: “Puchita (as they tell me dearly), this year I am going with everything, I am going to do that project that I have so desired”

I listened to it carefully and I know that, as for my brother, for many the first months of the year are synonymous with starting over or if you don’t tell me, how many of you these days feel like going to the gym, losing weight, looking for new opportunities, to change jobs and want to carry out projects? How many believe that it is the ideal time to change habits? It seems that the first quarter of the year is like that blur and new account that many long to start again.

The beauty of life is that every day it gives us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and start. I even talk to you from my own experience, I made the dream of having my own show come true when they told me “you have cancer” and just thinking that I could die without fulfilling what I had always longed for, take action and I started in March 2017 and there I discovered how real that saying is “Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today”.

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The perfect time to start any project is when the desire to fulfill it is latent and constant in your heart and you cannot get it out of your mind, and if this is your case, I remind you that the ideal time to start is not when everything is perfectly aligned. And there is no problem, that will never happen! So just like I said to my brother, I say to you, “jump in NOW”.

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