and if the future of the iPhone was the rental?


In the automotive world, more and more people are opting for “leasing”, a rental offer put in place by manufacturers and which makes it possible to have a new product that changes every two years. With this new option, customers do not pay full price for their cars, but a subscription of a few hundred euros per month.

This method of payment, highly developed in the automotive sector, seems to have given ideas to Apple. The Apple brand already offers a subscription system, available under the name Apple One and which brings together the brand’s various services, whether Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness or iCloud+.

But according to Bloomberg, the Cupertino company could move up a gear and offer a subscription system that is similar to car leasing offers. If for the moment the details of the advantages of this subscription are not known, just like its price, the first rumors suggest that it will be possible to have an iPhone for free, and to pay a simple subscription.

Apple will also offer the sim card?

An idea that is ultimately quite logical for Apple, which follows the general trend of subscriptions, a payment formula that can be found everywhere and which allows companies to make very large profits over the long term. As far as Apple is concerned, the apple brand could go quite far in its offer by adding, in addition to the telephone and software services, a possible virtual sim card, thus detaching itself from the incumbent telephone operators.

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If for the moment this idea is only a theory, it could explain the arrival of the CEO of Verizon on the stage of the Apple Theater during the presentation of the iPhone 12 and its 5G modem. The apple brand could thus get closer to an operator who has the antennas and the infrastructure to integrate it into its offer.

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