Andrea Escalona sends a controversial message to “Come the Joy”

Andrea Escalona sends a controversial message to "Come the Joy"

Once again Andrea Escalona became the center of attention on social networks after sending a controversial message to “Venga la Alegría”, direct competition from the Televisa morning show in which she participates.

It was during a meeting with the press that the famous woman was asked what her opinion was regarding the new TV Azteca reality show “I want to dance!”, which according to the host, they wanted to “copy” from Televisa.

“I don’t think they replicated it so well, with all due respect, the truth is that due to Magda’s education (her mother and former producer of ‘Hoy’), we have a school of seeing our show and then seeing the competition, and then seeing to the people of Image, and then see what they are doing in different channels”responded Escalona, ​​who admits that he did like the one for ‘Quiero Cantar’.

“The truth is, the idea that they dance with children seems strange to me. I respect it, but on television I didn’t really like what they did in this reality show, I’ve seen their three reality shows after ‘Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy’ came out. , and the other two did not seem so bad to me, in which they sang I did like it, it seemed to me that they had good moments, but the truth is that I do not like it “, commented.

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