Ángela Aguilar’s mother publishes an emotional message in the midst of the scandal with Gussy Lau

Ángela Aguilar's mother publishes an emotional message in the midst of the scandal with Gussy Lau

Ángela Aguilar's mother publishes an emotional message in the midst of the scandal with Gussy Lau

Unfortunately, the Aguilar Dynasty is in the middle of the scandal, and this time due to a youthful mistake made by the youngest of the family, Angela Aguilar. According to what was revealed by the young artist herself, she trusted who she should not have and was violated in her private life.

This happened after the famous composer, Gussy Lauwho is 15 years older than her, will confirm through a video on social networks that maintains an affair with the interpreter of “There where they see me”.

This situation generated various comments, including the reaction of the daughter of Pepe Aguilar, who broke the silence and confessed to feeling violated by the leaking of the images of her kissing with the composer, something that made her feel sad and disappointed for trusting someone she shouldn’t.

At the end of the recording The 18-year-old explained that she felt betrayed by the leak of the photograph. He thanked all the support that his family and friends have expressed to him after the recent scandal.

After the recent scandal led by the Aguilar Dynasty, Aneliz Álvarez, wife of Pepe Aguilar and mother of Ángela, reappeared on social networks to send a message that went viral a few minutes after its publication.

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turns out Ángela Aguilar’s mother took advantage of her personal profile on Instagram to dedicate an emotional message to her eldest daughter, Aneliz Aguilarwho this Friday, April 8, celebrates his 24th birthday.

In front of his millions of followers, Aneliz Álvarez uploaded an image of the model while advising her to enjoy life. In addition, he reminded her how much he loves her with a phrase from Sabina.

“Happy birthday beloved daughter and as Sabina says, you are beautiful from the foot to the soul. Enjoy life and let’s move on enjoying the blessings that came along with your arrival. Your mother who adores you


But this It does not prevent it from being known that the also manager of the Dynasty shows on several occasions that her family and her children come before anything else, as well as her integrity, so it is expected that they are preparing a possible statement because according to People en Español, they would be analyzing accusing Gussy Lau of breach of trust.

So far, that has been the only comment that she has made, as has Pepe, who also congratulated little Anezliz, despite the fact that the interpreter’s mother is the manager of the Aguilar Dynasty. Regarding the scandal that Angela stars in, nothing more has been said about it.

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