Angela Aguilar’s sister and the accessory that never fails to look divine

La hermana de Ángela Aguilar y el accesorio que nunca le falla para verse divina

Angela Aguilar.

Photo: Manuel Velasquez / Getty Images

Aneliz Aguilar he may have preferred to lead a life away from the public eye, unlike his famous sister Angela Aguilar, however on more than one occasion attention has been stolen due to incredible style that shows off. And it is that through his Instagram account he shares with his almost 600 thousand followers the looks with which he looks spectacular.

An accessory that has never let you down are the sunglasses, which combines with all kinds of outfits to get an elegant and modern touch. Aneliz has all the colors and sizes; without a doubt knowing how to use the one indicated for each occasion.

She wears glasses that complement the colors she wears, for example for a casual look she wore a black crop top and dark-framed glasses. Neutral colors like brown, blue or gray are perfect for these types of styles.

On the other hand, as in everything, the secret is balance. When the singer’s sister chooses to wear glasses, she prefers do not wear other accessories, and if it does, try not to be too loaded. Small gold rings, a short necklace and discreet earrings are the best option. It’s about not overloading the look.

But there are not only black glasses and Aneliz verified it with this beach look where she chose brown lenses to match her white outfit. The slim frame is perfect for a natural look.

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Finally, you also have to remember that glasses do not always have to be on, sometimes they can be worn above the head and they look incredible. In this image, the influencer wore a black raincoat, boots and very sober pants.

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