Anna Ferro reveals that Ingrid Coronado sued Fernando del Solar

Anna Ferro reveals that Ingrid Coronado sued Fernando del Solar

After the unfortunate death of Fernando del Solar, it has been revealed that there is a strong fight between Ingrid Coronado and Anna Ferro, since they would not only be fighting over the inheritance that the driver allegedly left his children, but there is also talk of a lawsuit by the former host of Venga la Alegría towards Ana and her husband.

According to some statements made by Ana Ferro for Hola magazine, Fernando had to deal with a lawsuit filed by his ex-wife weeks before he died.

“The day after his father’s death we had a socioeconomic study for that lawsuit (filed by his ex-wife). ‘It’s the first lawsuit they put on me in my life. They had never sued me,'” said Ana Ferro.

In recent days, the entertainment journalist, Jorge Carbajal, explained that Anna Ferro intends to take the house in Cuernavaca from the children of Fernando del Solar and Ingrid Coronado. However, the presenter’s widow revealed that for a long time, the model also acquired properties for each of them, they remained as an inheritance and were managed since then by Ingrid Coronado.

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