Another Pegasus-like software to hack the iPhone


According to a new report published by the news agency Reutersthe company QuaDream offers access to the content of fifty telephones per year for 2.2 million dollars, or the equivalent of nearly 2 million euros at the current exchange rate. His clients ? Governments mainly, as is the case of the NSO Group (publisher of Pegasus).

Apple, informed of the case, did not wish to specify whether any measures will be taken against QuaDream. The Israeli developer, however, is undermining Cupertino’s entire communication strategy, based in particular on the protection of personal data and security.

Already well-known partners…

Always according to ReutersQuaDream would have already offered its program called REIGN to customers such as Singapore, Indonesia, Mexico and Saudi Arabia. No surprise about the latter, since we owe him, among other things, the hacking of Jeff Bezos’ iPhone in similar circumstances but with the use of competing equipment.

Among the possibilities offered by REIGN, the audio recording of telephone calls or theactivate cameras frontal and dorsal are of particular concern. Access to the microphone can also be unblocked on demand and discreetly, without informing the owner of the mobile. Which is of course reminiscent of the listening folder of the voice assistant Siri.

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Risks for the population?

However, most consumers do not seem to be among the priority targets of REIGN and other similar suites such as Pegasus, GrayKey or Predator. Indeed, given the price of these spywares, their users generally focus on the most interesting profiles such as political opponentsbusiness leaders or even cybercriminals.

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