Health Wellness Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Tips to Reduce Inflammation Naturally

Anti-Inflammatory Diet: Tips to Reduce Inflammation Naturally


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Chronic inflammation is the origin of all degenerative diseases, it is a condition that accelerates the aging process and decreases the quality of life. A correct anti-inflammatory diet is key to preventing and fighting inflammatory processes

The inflammation is a defensive response of the immune system and is presented as a notice to neutralize the effect of pathogens that cause infections and diseases. Inflammation occurs before various attacks that deteriorate health, as is the case of infections, injuries, wounds, or at the action of a toxic substance.

The truth is that the organism is perfectly designed to face these attacks, especially when the immune system is strong is the best ally for kick-start the inflammation process, and thus slows the progress of the damage and in a second stage restore the tissues. This process can last days or months and it is usually located.

However, when inflammation persists longer and stops responding to the restorative effect of the immune system, it becomes extremely destructive and that is when we talk about chronic inflammation.

This type of inflammation it’s a much more complex process that contributes to all the propitious elements so that they appear degenerative diseases are not as evident as when acute inflammation occurs and in many cases, its symptoms can be misleading.

Various medical specialists agree that currently there has been a significant increase in chronic inflammatory diseases and the most worrying thing is that not only affect a particular organ, interfere with the operation of complete systems such as digestive, respiratory, articular, or immune.

Factors That Activate Inflammation:

It is interesting to know that there are various aspects who are responsible for activating inflammation, among the main ones are infections or diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, or parasites; some nutritional imbalances may intervene, external irritants, trauma, temperature changes, internal agents such as the presence of toxins and altered emotional states how to suffer high levels of stress, anxiety, or depression.

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With all these conditions in between it is quite feasible that they occur various inflammatory processes as warning signs, what happens is that we are used to combating them with medications.

Anti-inflammatory drugs are part of the most consumed medicines in the world, although they are a good alternative for certain health conditions and they are an important part of treatments that literally save lives.

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The custom of constantly consuming anti-inflammatory drugs does not solve the root problem. This is because these medications can inhibit the body’s natural restorative power and as a side effect it is very common that acidify the body.

Solution To Fight Inflammation Is Food:

Food may be the key to combat chronic inflammation processes at the rooftop for a healthy lifestyle is the way to gain health in all possible areas.

Optimal nutrient intake builds healthy cells, fills them with energy, and protects them from any wear and tear, this cellular balance is the foundation of health.

Nutrient quality directly influences, making it essential to review the diet in depth although the most important thing is to base it on an abundant consumption of fruits, vegetables, and whole foods.

The good news is that there are some feeding habits recommended by specialist doctors and nutritionists, which have been designed the anti-inflammatory diet with the aim of preventing and combat chronic inflammatory processes.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

1. Make Dietary Adjustments

The first and infallible advice to combat any type of inflammation is in the power of food, which is why making adjustments in the habitual eating habits is a priority.

  • Eat raw: Whenever possible, the consumption of raw vegetables should be integrated into all meals of the day, this habit is related to positive effects to avoid the transient inflammatory reaction.
  • Chew slowly and take care of the portions.
  • Monitor protein intake: Diets characterized by high consumption of animal protein, they favor inflammation largely because they are foods more difficult to digest and in some cases for its content in Saturated fats. Instead, a diet inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle, with an abundant consumption in fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, nuts, seeds, legumes, cold-pressed vegetable oils and fish, dairy, and eggs occasionally, improves the functioning of the entire organism and strengthens it against any damage.
  • Good cooking is essential: It is important to avoid high temperatures and long cooking because they can lose important nutrients in food and they can also be generated by toxic molecules. It is important to avoid consuming fried or weathered foods And opt for steamed, roasted, and baked foods.
  • Avoid anti-inflammatory foods: More food than we think causes inflammation, however, some are more dangerous than others. It should be avoided at all costs the consumption of processed products, sugars, refined flours, and fats, it is also essential to minimize sodium intake.
  • A good balance between Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids: It is advisable to opt for the intake of foods rich in Omega 3 which are characterized by their anti-inflammatory benefits, is found in products such as olive oil, nuts, seeds, and avocado. And although Omega 6 fatty acids are necessary for the body in excess promotes inflammation, so it is important to avoid consuming vegetable oils, like corn or sunflower.
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2. Fasting: A Great Ally Of Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Not in vain fasting is one of the most recommended trends backed by science to regain health at another level and also a great method to lose weight. Integrate fasting as part of our lifestyle is very effective against inflammatory processes.

It is important to monitor the type of food that is consumed at the end of the fasting period and complement it with light meals such as fresh fruits, salads, roasted vegetables, and legumes.

3. Purifying Diets

The body always sends us warning signs and it is very normal that notices are presented in the form of exhausted, headaches, fluid retention, lack of energy, swelling, digestive problems and apathy.

In general, they are conditions that indicate that a cleansing cure is necessary a little longer, with the objective of eliminate toxins from the body and reduce inflammation which is produced by the excess acidity in the body.

A good recommendation is to do a 7 day detox plan that stands out for consumption as the basis of fruits and vegetables in various presentations such as the case of vegetable broths, mixed vegetable salads, fruits and in food some portion of whole cereals.

4. Power Of Medicinal Plants

anti-inflammatory diets

Nature never ceases to amaze us and has extraordinary medicinal allies which often come in the form of therapeutic herbs and plants. There are great alternatives that stand out for their immense anti-inflammatory properties, integrate them as part of daily habits It is a great plus.

  • Aloe Vera: The juice of aloe or aloe vera is a great remedy with digestive properties, stands out for its benefits for regulating pH and restore the integrity of the digestive mucosa.
  • Turmeric: One of the most valued spices today for its powerful medicinal benefits, its content in curcumin makes it a great ally for inhibiting the synthesis of inflammation mediators. The production of natural cortisone relieves pain and deflates.
  • Milk Thistle: This plant stands out for its content in a substance called silymarin, which is associated with great benefits to deflate the liver and at the same time enhances the detoxifying activity of the organism.
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