Antpool mining pool takes position on potential Ethereum hard fork

In a few weeks the Fusion or Merge of Ethereum should be completed. This change in the way of registering transactions on the network and receiving rewards could create different scenarios. Large mining pools prepare for the various possibilities. Among them, Antpool that issued a statement about it.

According to Antpool, the mining pool will “continue” to provide service to those miners who use Proof of work or PoW. So they let him know in a post published this first of September.

This means that, after the Ethereum Merge occurs, they are willing to provide the necessary resources so that the miners can use their equipment in the event of a hard fork. So they will be able to obtain rewards from the token that arises from a potential fork of Ethereum or mining Ethreum Classic, for those who decide to migrate.

Antpool will continue to promote Satoshi Nakamoto’s decentralized PoW consensus concept, fully supporting existing PoW consensus tokens such as BTC and ETC, as well as various PoW consensus tokens that may emerge in the future.

Antpool, cryptocurrency mining pool.

Antpool asked its users to withdraw all their ETH from the platform before the Ethereum Merge occurs, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

In addition, they recently established a position regarding the possibility that Ethereum 2.0 —as the network that will use the consensus mechanism known as proof of participation or PoS— will be called may censor transactions.

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Because the Merge will mark the end of GPU or graphics card mining on Ethereum, mining pools are beginning to take positions on the future of miners.

For example, F2Pool reported that because Ethereum Classic uses Etahash, the same Ethereum algorithm, There is no difficulty for miners to migrate with simple adjustments to their rig settings. Poolin, the third largest mining pool in the world took a similar stand.

Ethereum’s consensus mechanism change has dragged on

The Ethreum Merge was officially scheduled to be executed in the second or third week of September. This change in the consensus mechanism and method for validating transactions and receiving rewards for securing the network has been planned for years.

In fact, tentative dates have been projected for a long time on this change, which were finally postponed. At present it seems that the Ethereum developers are happy with the programming of the code and the mechanism for performing the network fork.

For their part, Ethereum miners are torn between adopting another cryptocurrency, such as Ethreum Classic, or forking the mainnet before the Merge occurs to mine an ETH-like token.

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