Apople says goodbye to Foxconn for the benefit of this company


The Information, English-speaking media, has just published an unprecedented investigation that reveals the ins and outs of the confidential deal between the Chinese government and Apple. Its value is estimated at $ 275 billion, a record sum that would have allowed Apple to gain a foothold in the country in exchange for industrial promises.

But that’s not all, since in exchange for this sum the firm would also have undertaken to sign for more orders with another partner of choice on the spot, namely Luxshare. A growing company, it has just acquired a large-scale factory capable of producing several million iPhones in 2022. A replacement of choice for Foxconn, which has been the victim of strong criticism in recent weeks and whose fate, on the other hand, is uncertain.

Do we have the new king of the blend here?

To date, Hon Hai remains the majority in terms of market share if we refer to the final assembly sector of Apple mobiles. There are also firms such as Wistron or Pegatron, but their volume of deliveries is lower. According to The Information, Luxshare factories would now even be capitalized at a higher level than those of the competition.

The income generated by Cupertino, meanwhile, is said to be still ten times lower than that of the current number one. But all this could change, especially since the executives of Foxconn would worry very seriously about this competition. Rumors first reported by the news agency Reuters, often well informed, but since denied by the person concerned.

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Among the other products assembled by Luxshare are also mentioned the AirPods. They have just acquired a third mid-range version, while their Pro version should also be reissued in 2022 according to most of the rumors and specialist analysts. So much potential income for the subcontractor, a sign once again that it could dethrone its great rival.

Apple had however distanced itself from the Middle Empire following the trade sanctions taken against it by the Trump administration, in favor of India. But will this homecoming signify additional concerns about the surveillance of large local employers by the authorities?

Apple AirPods 2 with wireless charging

Apple AirPods 2 with wireless charging

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