App Store against the rest of the world: one everywhere


Apple vs Epic (Australia)

Epic Games, in addition to attacking Apple in the United States following the ban on Fortnite, is also suing the firm in Australia. Cupertino, however, wanted to see the file closed on the island, his contract with the studio having force across the Atlantic. Unfortunately, the competition authority got involved and a recent decision of the court in charge of the case chose to confirm the lawsuit.

It would be, according to officials, not to “to offend”Local laws, which are discussed here.

Apple vs Epic (California)

The main conflict between Epic Games and Apple is therefore dealt with above all on the west coast, where a last-minute request signed by Apple aims to delay the implementation of the changes imposed on the App Store by judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers. . It wants to force the platform to allow developers to override its integrated purchasing system, so as not to pay 30% commission to the iOS publisher during each transaction.

The request in question has not yet been accepted, but Apple seems anyway already ready to put in place a major alternative if the court rejects it. This would aim to still levy the tax even if the creators of apps finalize the payment on the web, outside the iPhone therefore. It’s hard to imagine that such an operation, if successful, could make the difference …

Victory against a class action

To finish, a report of Courthouse News Service reports that a group action by the recently banned Coronavirus Reporter app from the App Store has failed. This directly targeted Apple for monopoly, but the court finally chose to uphold it, the prosecution not having been able to bring enough grain to grind its complaint.

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On the App Store, apps dealing with COVID-19 are only accepted if they come from governments. Among them, we find in particular QR code generators that countries use to limit access to certain areas open to the public by allowing only vaccinated people. A measure which is controversial, particularly abroad, for the sake of respect for human rights.

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