Apple accused of patent infringement

Apple Watch ECG

The benefits of the ECG function on Apple Watch are well established. Regularly, user testimonials reach us and we can say that this feature indirectly contributes to saving lives. This innovation is however costing Apple a lawsuit.

The company AliveCor, which produces medical devices, has indeed taken legal action in Texas against the Cupertino company. It claims that the electrocardiogram function used on the connected watch infringes three of its patents.

Apple regularly faces patent infringement lawsuits

In detail, this concerns the monitoring of cardiac arrhythmias or irregular heartbeats. However, these technologies, deposited by AliveCor, focus on the use of data from portable devices to help diagnose the disease.

The company says Apple was aware of these three patents and used them anyway. This process has only just started, but AliveCor would like Apple to have banned the use of these technologies. The company is also claiming damages.

As a reminder, Apple is regularly prosecuted for alleged patent infringements. A few months ago, we spoke to you, for example, of Hitachi, which is demanding compensation from the Cupertino company. The Japanese company believes the apple brand has broken the law by designing mobile devices as well as computers that violate its intellectual property.

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