Apple adds a new feature to its Weather app

Apple meteo

While the takeover of the “Dark Sky” weather application last summer had attracted the curiosity of several Apple analysts, the latter finally seems to show the changes that these financial operations have allowed.

If nothing has changed yet on your application Weather forecast native in your iPhone, this is quite normal, the change is currently only on the other side of the Channel, within the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In fact, in the first British beta of iOS 14.5, the latter has acquired a brand new feature, capable of predicting the level of precipitation over the next hour. This functionality comes in addition to the hour by hour function, already well installed in Apple’s weather applications around the world.

Catch up

The Apple is thus seeking to catch up on the main weather applications, which have succeeded, with exclusive features, in attracting an increasingly large audience.

This is for example the case of Wheater Pro, the application is now a real benchmark in the meteorological environment, and reviews on the App Store praise its reliability as well as the small features, essential according to them, which distinguish it from the native application of the iPhone.

The weather app is one of the very first to appear on the iPhone. Present since the beginnings of the telephone, it has undergone very few changes over the years. In the same way as the Stock Market application, whose future could also be made of big changes, Apple does not seem to have abandoned the development of these applications.

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