Apple and its rivals spend a fortune on lobbying


Tech giants’ lobbying practices are not new. Since their inception, these big companies have indeed spent a lot of money to promote their interests to political decision-makers.

However, this strategy is framed by a duty of transparency, whether it concerns the United States or the European Union. The Hill just shared the numbers for Uncle Sam in 2021 and they reveal some surprises.

Record spending for Amazon and Facebook

This is particularly the case for Apple, which interests us the most here. Thus, the Cupertino company spent only $6.5 million last year to promote its interests in Washington. This total, which may seem high to most of us, is actually lower than that of 2020: $6.7 million.

On the other hand, the competitors of the apple brand have not skimped on the means. Like Amazon and its various subsidiaries, which invested $20.3 million to try to influence Congress. Facebook (Meta) is not far behind at $20.1 million. These amounts are a record for these two companies.

Google (Alphabet) spent $9.8 million. If the web giant has already spent more money on its lobbying campaigns, this total is nevertheless up 27% from one year to the next, underline our colleagues.

This more modest investment than its competitors in these influence operations does not prevent Apple from trying to assert its interests. Moreover, the Cupertino company recently sent a letter to parliamentarians to oppose the various antitrust bills that they are examining. They argue that this could harm consumer safety and the protection of their privacy.

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