Apple and Jony Ive pay homage to Steve Jobs

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As announced earlier this morning, on Tuesday, October 5, 2021, we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the death of Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple. In our previous article, you can find some of the conferences he led and which marked the history of Apple, but also of tech in general.

Jony Ive’s tribute

Jony Ive, Apple designer and close to Steve Jobs, also paid tribute to it, writing a letter published in today’s edition of the Wall Street Journal. The full letter is available in source, but here is a translated extract:

I have barely thought about Steve’s death.

I didn’t think much about Steve’s death.

My memories of that brutal, heartbreaking day 10 years ago are scattered and random. I cannot remember driving down to his house. I do remember a hazy October sky and shoes that were too tight. I remember afterwards Tim and I sat quietly in the garden together for a long time.

My memories of that same day, brutal and heartbreaking, 10 years ago are hazy. I don’t remember driving to his house. I remember, however, that the sky was foggy that day and my shoes were too tight. On the other hand, I also remember having chatted in the garden with Tim (Cook), quietly and for a long time.

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Since giving Steve’s eulogy I have not spoken publicly about our friendship, our adventures or our collaboration. I never read the flurry of cover stories, obituaries or the bizarre mischaracterizations that have slipped into folklore.

Since the day of his funeral and my eulogy delivered at that time, I have never spoken publicly about our friendship, our adventures and our collaborations. I have never read the many stories that came out after his death, often far removed from reality, but now part of Steve Jobs folklore.

But I think about Steve every day.

But I think about Steve every day.

Laurene and I are close. Our families have been close for nearly 30 years. We have endured deaths and celebrated births. We talk all the time, often about Steve but rarely about my work with him. Mostly, we talk about the future and her extraordinary and inspiring work with Emerson Collective.
“I loved how [Steve] saw the world. The way he thought was profoundly beautiful. ”

Laurene (Jobs) and I are close. Our families have remained close for thirty years. We have resisted deaths and celebrated births. We talk all the time, about Steve often, and more rarely about my work with him. Most of the time, we discuss the future and the amazing work Laurene has done for Emerrson Collective (an education company).

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I liked his (Steve) way of seeing the world. His way of thinking was deeply beautiful.

When her brilliant and inquisitive children ask me about their dad I just cannot help myself. I can talk happily for hours describing the remarkable man I loved so deeply.

When her (Laurene) bright and curious children ask me to talk about their father, I can’t help myself. I describe to them with joy and for hours, the remarkable man I loved so much.

Apple’s tribute

On a dedicated page, to find there, Apple has posted anonymous messages sharing their thoughts and feelings for Steve Jobs. Here are some examples:

  • “He will be alive until the last music of the latest iPod stop playing.” Lucas from Brazil
  • “Thank you Steve for changing the world… I always waited for the one more thing.” Jason
  • “A role model who inspired us a lot… will miss you… iSalute!” Sandeep

You can also send your message to [email protected], as indicated on the page in question.

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