Apple and Prepear end their litigation


A priori, Apple, the tech giant, and Prepear, a modest revenue application, do not box in the same category. However, a conflict between these two companies last summer. The Cupertino company did not appreciate that the app uses a pear-shaped logo. Although it looks very different from its own, that hasn’t stopped the Apple brand from filing several lawsuits based on its intellectual property.

A petition had been launched against Apple

The two companies eventually came to an agreement this week. We have just learned through the co-founder of Prepear that the application would change its logo in the shape of a pear to settle this dispute. On closer inspection, we don’t necessarily see much difference in this new visual, although the sheet is a little more inclined. The same change was made to the app icon.

We therefore seem to have arrived at the end of an opposition which has sometimes looked like a real war of communication. Thus, Super Healthy Kids, the parent company of Prepear, had for example launched a petition on last year to force Apple to abandon its initiative. This had collected more than 250,000 signatures.

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