Apple and Prepear negotiate an agreement to settle their dispute


This summer, Apple made headlines for attacking a trademark, Prepear, accusing it of infringing intellectual property. The reason ? A pear-shaped logo, which Cupertino considers too similar to its own brand identity. However, as many have noticed, the apple of the Mac manufacturer is far from resembling it …

Lately, it is even as far away as Canada that this now judicial conflict has grown. To the point of making life hard for the founders of the rather young startup. This offers a mobile application of cooked. It includes recipes, the ability to create a shopping list and tips for preparing meals.

A transaction ?

As the two sides continued to defend themselves with the appropriate legal experts, it now appears that a solution to their clash is being negotiated. Indeed, Apple has just requested the suspension of the legal procedure for a period of thirty days. According to the company, discussions are underway at the moment.

Objective: sign a compromise amicably. A strategy probably much less expensive than the business lawyers of the firm of Tim Cook. On the other hand, no detail specifies which solution is in question. Financial compensation? Mystery.

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