Apple at the highest in Europe


This is great news for Apple. According to statements by the analysis company Counterpoint Research, the Cupertino company performed particularly well last year on the European smartphone market.

Thus, after a fanfare start to the year 2021 where it pranced at the head of the sector, the apple brand ended the last quarter in pole position and with the highest market share ever recorded in analyst statements: 33% .

iPhone SE expected to further boost Apple sales this year

Overall, this is an annual increase of 25% for Apple with an average market share of 26% against only 22% in 2020. Admittedly, the Tech giant is still ahead of Samsung and its average of 32% , but it is ahead of the Chinese manufacturers Xiaomi and Oppo: 20 and 8%.

Another lesson from this analysis is that the smartphone market as a whole is growing very strongly: 8%. A logical recovery according to experts since the pandemic has greatly disrupted production and sales during the year 2020.

Jan Stryjak, Associate Director at Counterpoint Research, explains: It’s great to see the European smartphone market growing in 2021, but that only tells half the story; the impacts of COVID-19 led to a 14% annual decline in sales in 2020, meaning the market is still well below pre-pandemic levels “.

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However, analysts remain optimistic for Apple and believe in particular that the release of its iPhone SE 3 should further boost sales. Moreover, the launch date of the latter is gradually beginning to become clearer.

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