Apple attacks Pegasus creator, sounds the alarm

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Via a press release shared on Tuesday, Apple announced that it is suing the NSO Group with the aim of “curb”Spyware supported by some states. This company is behind the controversial Pegasus software, which makes it possible to hack any iOS or Android mobile by exploiting security holes that manufacturers have not yet had time to correct.

The action launched by Cupertino also aims to purely and simply prohibit the Israeli accused from making use of Apple products or services, which seems difficult to apply even if the judge is of this opinion. Remember that the mobiles of the Californian firm are on free sale and that a simple tax package is enough to override such an injunction via subsidiaries.

A major investment in support

To support its strategy against hackers, Apple has also specified that it is betting ten million dollars * on various cybersecurity organizations. Citizen Lab and Amnesty Tech are particularly recommended by the publisher, who furthermore ensures that all possible damages collected at the end of the trial will be added to this participation.

Beyond this financial amount, Tim Cook’s teams will also provide material and technical assistance as well as engineers to support in-depth analyzes aimed at better securing our mobiles. Initiatives which are of course not unlike those of the bug bountys, kinds of competitions whose objective is to remunerate developers who identify breaches in operating systems in order to fill them in order to better protect them.

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Alerts in Asia

Once again confirming media concerns about this, six Thai activists and researchers have also been warned by Apple that their iPhone has been compromised by institutional surveillance programs. The agency Reuters report indeed that several victims have received e-mails of report concerning in particular their iCloud account and their cell phone, including a political opponent and a singer.

* or nearly nine million euros at the exchange rate in effect at the time of writing this article

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