Apple becomes the number one supplier of smartphones ahead of Samsung

iPhone 12

The figures will have been record for this last quarter of 2020. If the year was very special, the accounts of the apple brand have suffered very little from the pandemic and have managed to maintain the dynamics of the years. previous ones, with in particular an explosion in sales of Apple laptops, the big winners in the widespread use of telework.

But according to IDC data, MacBooks are not the only ones responsible for Apple’s great success, especially in the last quarter of 2020, where the launches of the new iPhone range, with four models, played a big role. on the figures of the Apple.

Indeed, iPhones have never gone so well. 90 million of them were sold in the last three months of this year. This represents more than 23% of the global market according to IDC.

Figures, records, which can be explained by several factors. First of all, the fact that new models were released at the end of the year necessarily stimulated the growth of the apple brand. IDC analysts also explain that Black Friday promotions and pre-Christmas deals had a positive impact on Apple sales.

2020: extraordinary year, extraordinary result

But all of these can be found year after year, and they don’t explain the explosion that this last quarter of 2020 has been. To understand this event, we must look back on this year 2020, and what made it so special. The pandemic shut down millions of people during the first months of the year, as many people who could not consume as they would have liked, and who, once the health situation stabilized, recovered. rushes to the shops to spend the money saved for months.

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With these results, Apple therefore takes first place among sellers of smartphones to Samsung. The South Korean brand may have seen its growth increased by 6% during this last quarter compared to the figure of last year, this increase is insufficient to keep up with competitors Apple, Xiaomi and Oppo, the three brands. having the greatest growth over the end of 2020 on IDC.

According to CNET information, Samsung even lost nearly 10% of the market share in this last quarter, due to growing competition. In particular with the proliferation of Chinese brands that offer Android products in direct competition with models from Samsung, but also because of the end of the cycle that the Korean firm was experiencing, the new Galaxy S21 smartphones being released in January, the last quarter of the year is historically one of the worst for Samsung.

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