Apple blocks the installation of iOS 15.5, but why?

iOS 15 et iPhone

Apple stopped supporting iOS and iPadOS 15.5 a few hours ago. This has two major consequences:

  • Users who have updated their machine, iPhone or iPad, to iOS or iPadOS 15.6, can no longer go back to iOS or iPadOS 15.5
  • Those who have a mobile device running a version earlier than iOS or iPadOS 15.5 can only update their machine to iOS or iPadOS 15.6, there is no other choice

Don’t worry though, this is a procedure regularly applied by Apple for older versions of iOS and iPadOS. The Californian firm wants to push as many of its users as possible towards its most recent OS. On the one hand, it protects them as well as possible against viruses and other malware. On the other hand, the statistics for iPhone and iPad being updated with the latest version of the respective software at each machine end up inflated.

Note that iOS and iPadOS 15.6 offer great new features, but also, and above all, these new versions correct a good bunch of security flaws and bugs. We can only advise you to update your iPhone or iPad.

For iOS 16, expect a mainstream rollout in the fall. Ditto for iPadOS 16. See on this subject:

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