Apple breaks a new record!

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While Apple ended 2021 in style, Tim Cook’s company has been awarded a new title: that of the brand with the greatest value in 2022. Definitely, Apple accumulates successes and that’s very good for it .

Apple: the brand valued at more than 350 billion dollars

Not content with being the brand with the greatest value once again, Apple farted all the scores with the highest valuation ever known for a brand, according to Brand Finance Global 500. Indeed, the Apple is valued at 355 billions of dollars. A staggering sum!

Thus, Apple is well ahead of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Walmart and even Samsung with its brand value up 35% compared to last year. Be careful, however, not to confuse company value with brand value. The latter, discussed in this article, is the amount someone would pay to license the brand identity to sell their own products.

If half of this brand valuation is due to the iPhone, iconic phone, Apple has been able to highlight its other products and services such as a brand new generation of iPad, the arrival of AirTags, Apple Pay or Apple TV. And increase, a little more, its valuation.

For its part, if TikTok occupies the eighteenth place in the ranking. The app secures the highest growth in brand valuation. Impressive. We can’t wait to discover the ranking next year, at this rate…

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Finally, Apple landed another title. In the process, the Cupertino company obtained seventh place in the “Just Rankings for 2022” ranking of JUST Capital. The latter takes into account the fight against global warming, diversity, equity and inclusion, the well-being of the employee and the creation of local employment, or even respect for the confidentiality of the user… Apple follows PayPal, Microsoft, Intel or even Alphabet (Google).

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