Apple breaks record for lobbying spending

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Tech giants like Google, Facebook, Amazon, or Apple are in the sights of the American authorities. As Congress begins to seriously consider the idea of ​​new regulations to better enforce competition in their respective markets, these big companies are pulling out the checkbook to assert their interests.

Big tech companies don’t skimp on resources

Thus, Apple broke its new record for political lobbying spending in the first quarter this year by disbursing $2.5 million in Washington. The apple brand is trying in particular to make its point of view heard concerning a possible regulation of the App Store and application stores.

In detail, this is an increase of 34% year-on-year, and 13% compared to the previous quarter. And it is therefore the largest sum ever spent by the Cupertino company for influence purposes in three months.

The apple brand is not the only one to act in this way. We also learned in the same article from Bloomberg that Google has invested a lot by paying 2.96 million in three months (+34%). Same trend at Microsoft: 2.5 million dollars (+2.8%).

These figures contrast with those of 2021 when Apple had been rather wise in the matter. The company had spent only $6.5 million last year to promote its interests in Washington. This total, which may seem high to most of us, is actually lower than that of 2020: $6.7 million.

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