Apple brushes aside Mac Pro rumors

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Tuesday, during its first keynote of the year, Apple unveiled a new computer: the Mac Studio. It’s a whole new category of machine that sits between the Mac mini and the Mac Pro, and provides users with all the power they need for very resource-intensive tasks.

In addition, Apple also unveiled a new chip: the M1 Ultra chip which, thanks to the fusion of two M1 Max chips, allows for a performance monster.

Also, we wonder if the firm will release a new Mac Pro this year. Indeed, it should be noted that before this March 8 event, many rumors had circulated indicating that Apple could postpone the release of the new Mac Pro and the iMac Pro in 2023, while these machines should be released this year. so that the firm can finalize its transition from Intel chips to Apple Silicon chips.

Apple teased the next Mac Pro at the end of its keynote

But during the keynote, Apple seems to have swept away the rumors on this subject. Indeed, at the end of the event, after the presentation of the Mac Studio and the Studio Display screen, John Ternus, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware engineering, briefly teased the next Mac Pro .

“They (note, the new Mac Studios) join the rest of our Mac line, making our transition almost complete, with just one more product, Mac Pro. But that’s for another day.”did he declare.

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It is rare for Apple to face this kind of statement during a keynote. And apparently, the firm absolutely wants to put an end to rumors indicating that the next Mac Pro will not be released until next year.

At the same time, Ternus’ statement also suggests that the next Mac Pro will indeed have an Apple Silicon chip. Indeed, it is important to note that there are also rumors that indicated that the next Mac Pro could still use an Intel chip (to ensure compatibility of applications used by the target customers of this product). It’s possible the next Mac Pro will use the same M1 Ultra chip as the Mac Studio.

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