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Justice juge et procès

The lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games is far from over, although a first fight ended recently. In fact, at the beginning of September, across the Atlantic, a judgment ruled that Apple must change its policy for its App Store before December 2021. This is to leave the possibility for developers to charge users. outside the Apple platform, to avoid the 30% commission levied by the Californian giant on any purchase made in an iOS app or game.

Following this judgment, the development studio Epic Games quickly appealed, because it was ordered to pay a fine fine of several million dollars to Apple for non-compliance with the user conditions of the App Store.

And if Apple had presented itself as the winner of history, the judgment having ruled that the Californian did not take advantage of an anti-competitive situation, the Cupertino company still decided to appeal too according to the latest information from MacRumors published yesterday.

She is asking for more time to implement this condition change for her App Store, leaving developers a way to avoid the 30% commission. More specifically, she would like this request to be put on hold and reconsidered once all the files of the Epic Games case against Apple have been properly settled, in particular that of the appeal filed in court following the judgment of last September by the creator of Fortnite. .

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And that could go on for a while yet. If Apple’s appeal is accepted, this circumvention of the 30% commission could not then be implemented. before several years. The developers at Paddle could bite their fingers, having already announced their alternative payment solution for iOS developers and its deployment next summer …

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