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In serious decline, the smartphone market has suffered the brunt of the crisis of the coronavirus in Asia. Among the companies affected by this incident, Apple is obviously one of the most emblematic due to its number one position in several countries. The group’s share price on the New York Stock Exchange has also suffered the consequences, which could lead it to review its human resources strategy.

Indeed, on the occasion of a new article published in the magazine Bloomberg, Mark Gurman explains that Apple would have decided not to renew certain contracts and to stop the recruitment of certain of its departments. Stated objective: to reduce expenses, even though the next high-end smartphone from the manufacturer could be charged more than a thousand euros in its most affordable version.

Changes limited to a few teams

The source of Gurman specifies that only a few branches of Apple are concerned but without indicating which it is. It is assumed, however, that long-term projects such as the connected car developed in secret by the company already have some lead in the wing. The iPhones, meanwhile, are the first vector of income for the firm with more than two trillion in market capitalization.

For the journalist, the mixed reality headset that Apple would design would continue to be planned for 2023, which is perhaps a sign that the employees of the project are not in the hot seat either. No dismissal for economic reasons, however, seems planned, although several employees have already decided to leave the ship previously for the sake of well-being at work.

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Competition is also slowing down

The good news for Apple is that other major players in the technology sector would also be victims of similar slowdowns. Gurman thus evokes the case ofAlphabet, parent company of Google and the origin of Pixel mobiles or Chromebook laptops. On the side of Microsoft, whose Xbox Cloud Gaming platform acts as an alternative to Apple Arcade, the management has even undertaken to purely and simply separate itself from certain elements. So now is not the best time to apply to GAFAM…

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