Apple Car and Apple Glass will they never arrive?

Benedict Evans

Benedict Evans, who moved to Orange and former partner of Andreessen Horowitz, recently published an article on his blog where the next potential Apple products are discussed. Starting with the famous connected glasses that the Californian brand would secretly design, but which would be late. So, according to him, although there is a real “problem”In the optical market, Cupertino may not have the“reply” and not “never”Release the product in question.

Rebelote when it comes to what is perhaps the most anticipated project of the firm at the apple: its smart car, which we still do not know if it will be autonomous or if it will ultimately only be a software. For the investor, the question of the driverless vehicle seems to be too far removed from the core business of the company. What is more, man believes that Alphabet itself cannot meet such a challenge. Waymo’s cars are on very, very good track, however.

A well-established revenue model

Evans goes even further and also mentions the case of Apple TV which, according to him, is a “fail“, The definition of which does not need to be translated. The connected box is however the spearhead of Tim Cook’s media ambitions on the big screen, integrating both audio streaming from Music packages and streaming series for less than five euros per month. A new model even saw the light of day no later than last May, accompanied by its revisited Siri Remote.

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As for operations, the time has come for leniency. According to the analyst, Apple would indeed have a strategy of “metronomic precision” when it’s about “deliver a new hardware and software collection” every year. Results that many competitors simply cannot afford, at least not with the vain ones ”40% margin”That we know (yes, your iPhone 12 is worth less than four hundred euros on paper).

On confidentiality

Final opinion: what about privacy? For the former University of Cambridge, not generating growth thanks to a search engine would obviously make “easier to say you won’t try to guess what’s interesting” the users. Perhaps he is just not aware that Apple is developing just such a program, still in-house for the moment.

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