Apple Car could be an autonomous car

hyundai apple car

For a long time now, we have been talking about the possibility of an Apple Car in the future. The last few weeks have also been quite rich on this subject with the rumor that the Cupertino company would work in concert with Hyundai. As usual, the apple brand carefully avoids saying more and nothing is official yet.

An electric and driverless vehicle?

It is now CNBC to go there for his information. The American media indeed affirms that Apple and Hyundai are in negotiations and on the verge of finalizing a very large contract to manufacture the Apple Car. The car will be manufactured at a Kia plant in West Point, Georgia. In all, the deal could represent $ 3.6 billion, with production of the first electric model starting in 2024.

Always according to CNBC, Apple could partner with another manufacturer for the production of its vehicle, in addition to the work required of Hyundai. He would also be without a driver. Therefore, the Cupertino company would therefore focus on the delivery sector initially, instead of turning to the general public market.

It is still far too early to be categorical on this matter. The first rumors date back six years and it will still be necessary to be patient before Apple chooses to formalize this project.

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