Apple Car unveils a little more with two new patents

Apple Car

While Apple’s car project is still in full development, the information around it is becoming more precise, and the project seems to be taking shape. A few weeks ago talks between Hyundai and Apple were announced by the brand itself, and an agreement is due to be signed in March. If the terms of the latter are still rather vague, it would be possible that this contract would allow Kia, a subsidiary of Hyundai, to provide technical support to Apple in the design of its autonomous car. If this really happens so, then all hopes are high for an upcoming release of the “Apple Car”, the date of 2024 having been given by many sources.

One screen for multiple content at the same time

In the latest patents filed by Apple for its self-driving car project, the Apple brand seems to be taking a keen interest in how customers will use the car. Indeed, the Apple has just developed a system of screens which allows the simultaneous reading of several programs, all with the wearing of special glasses.

The Cupertino company explains that passengers in the Apple car may want to watch different content when they are on the road. La Pomme has therefore developed a system of glasses with a shutter, which cuts off vision at regular intervals.

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If the closing and opening frequency is too high to be seen by the human eye, it allows multiple content to be read simultaneously. A first is played while the first user has his shutter open, then when the shutter closes, a second program is displayed on the screen for the second passenger whose shutter has just opened.

This system, which requires a great deal of coordination between the screen and the glasses, must now prove itself, but the idea seems feasible given that Apple has decided to protect it with a patent.

A smart seat

Another patent filed by the Apple brand is with regard to the seats of this “Apple Car”. Indeed, the latter might very well be able to automatically adapt to the person who sits inside the vehicle. Within a family, it is common for the person behind the wheel to change.

The Apple Car seats could therefore pass this stage of adjusting the depth and height of the latter by configuring themselves automatically, as some high-end vehicles already do. The configuration details could be stored in the iPhone so that the car would know how to tune upon detection of the iPhone. This small detail should allow the car to take a little more place in a very competitive electric car market, where Apple’s main rival is all found, in the person of Elon Musk and Tesla.

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