Apple iPhone Apple celebrates Chinese New Year with iPhone 12 Pro...

Apple celebrates Chinese New Year with iPhone 12 Pro Max (video)


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On the occasion of the New Year in the Chinese calendar, the apple brand wanted to mark the occasion and posted a new video on its YouTube account. Shown as a 12 minute short film, “Nian” was directed by Lulu Wang, already known to be behind the Golden Globe nominated film “the Farewell”.

The short film returns to the question of the passage to adulthood. Wang describes it as a mixture between, the fairy world of childhood, and the realities of adult life, and the real world.

As with every video of its kind from Apple, this short film was filmed entirely with an iPhone. In this specific case, it is an iPhone 12 Pro Max which was used as a camera model. And the director, unaccustomed to using this type of device quickly praised its merits.

“It’s really exciting that we have this opportunity to tell this ancient story, to capture these amazingly cinematic images with the iPhone, this very versatile device.”, she said. “I think the iPhone gives the filmmaker a lot of flexibility in terms of designing shots to capture this movie and that, in itself, is incredibly powerful. “

The filmmakers treated the iPhone 12 Pro Max like a movie camera, pushing its functionality to the max. In addition to the support for Dolby Vision, a new feature of this model, Wang’s team relied on the iPhone’s ultra-wide and telephoto camera modules, as well as the super-high capabilities of the iPhone. advanced phone stabilization. As well as its ability to perform very well in environments with very little light.
“There is no constraint when you shoot with the phone in your hands. It also gives you a feeling of agility to take handheld shots ”, said Nelson Yu, director of photography.

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- Advertisement -Apple celebrates Chinese New Year with iPhone 12 Pro Max (video)Apple celebrates Chinese New Year with iPhone 12 Pro Max (video)

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- Advertisement -Apple celebrates Chinese New Year with iPhone 12 Pro Max (video)Apple celebrates Chinese New Year with iPhone 12 Pro Max (video)

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