Apple Configurator arrives in iOS with all new functions

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Software very well known to companies and other schools, Apple Configurator makes it possible to simplify the installation of a fleet of Apple brand devices on the same network. These are linked together by the application, and it is then possible to make decisions and initiate group actions for several or all devices.

As the Cupertino company itself explains, the application allows, among other things “Update software, install apps and configuration profiles, rename and change device wallpapers, or export device information and documents.” “

Apple Configurator, under iOS

It is widely used in companies or schools that are equipped with Apple brand products. But if the application was for the moment reserved for Macs and other computers of the firm, now the latter has just launched the mobile version of its software.

Indeed, Apple has just released an iOS version of its application. The latter, exclusive to the iPhone – the iPad will wait – allows in particular, to add Macs to a network of pre-existing computers even if they have not been purchased from Apple or an authorized reseller.

Not all Macs are eligible

This will be very useful especially for schools, which often recover computers from donations or sales between individuals. But Apple warns, this addition is not possible for all of the company’s products. Indeed, only computers with a T2 or M1 chip can be entitled to this new functionality, in other words it will be necessary to have at least a product dating from 2018 or later.

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In fact, once you approach your iPhone with the Apple Configurator application open to the Mac you want to add to the network, the latter will be detected automatically, and it will then be possible to add it, from it share network passwords or start installations of the various software used.

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