Apple confirms its dominance in the tablet market

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This is an impressive figure which testifies to a real rise in power. According to data from analytics firm Canalys, Apple continued to dominate the global tablet market in the fourth quarter of 2020, with 19.2 million iPads shipped. Over one year, the apple brand even recorded an increase of 40%.

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An exceptional quarter for Apple

With this figure, the Cupertino company weighs 36% of the market on a global scale. In second position, we find Samsung with 19% and 9.9 million Galaxy Tabs shipped. Finally, Amazon comes in third position and represents 12% of the market for 6.5 million shipments.

Canalys also took stock of the year 2020 and is very good for Apple with 58.8 million tablets sold, for an increase of 24%. The market share is broadly the same as in the fourth quarter: 37%.

These data confirm the information provided by the company on the occasion of the publication of its results for the fourth quarter. The iPad achieved record revenue generated with $ 8.4 billion, or 41% more than in the same quarter in 2019. In all, Apple raked in $ 111.4 billion in revenue, for profit reaching $ 28.8 billion. A success which is also enabled by the success of the iPhone 12 and a real rise in the importance of services

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