Apple confirms the arrival of the 14-inch MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro

A loyal reader of MacRumors who is not at his first discovery of its kind, Steve Moser, has just identified the resolutions of two screens under macOS that do not correspond to any Apple computer existing to date. It did not take more for the American media to make the connection with rumors recently shared and according to which two laptops of fourteen (3 024 x 1,964 px) and sixteen inches would indeed be in the boxes at Cupertino.

The first should succeed the most compact MacBook Pro published for several years now and displaying 13.3 inches on the counter. Its previous version, which only dates from November 2020, is still on sale today and powered by a proprietary processor: the M1. This has every chance of being updated for the upcoming model, although the technical characteristics of the chip in question are still subject to guess.

As for the price, it is possible that it will be revised upwards. Currently, the MacBook Pro 13 ″ costs 1,449 euros in its most accessible version.

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MacBook Pro 16 ″

The second device, with a Retina definition of 3,456 x 2,234 pixels, would also give pride of place to a density of 250 ppi against less than 230 previously. Users could therefore benefit from better overall visual comfort, which graphic designers and other fans of feature films or video games will probably appreciate. But this is not the only advantage that the machine would offer.

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Indeed, according to Taiwanese Ming-Chi Kuo, future MacBook Pros will be equipped with a mini LED panel. This technology is not unknown: it is already found on iPad Pro, with more effective contrasts and colors deemed more accurate. As seen above, this should result in a possible higher price.

Potential timeline

Such a leak, resulting in fact from the source code of macOS Monterey (in its seventh beta version, now publicly available) is all the more reliable than coming directly from developers working at Apple. Indeed, this is not always the case so that it is sometimes difficult to draw the true from the false when clues are for example disseminated by analysts or anonymous Asian informants.

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