Apple could draw inspiration from Google technologies for its next products

Ce à quoi pourraient ressembler les Apple Glass

Apple is a singular company in the world of tech, but Apple, despite its image of a technological UFO, which refuses any collaboration with the rest of its universe, locking itself, for better or for worse, in its technology ecosystem.

Neighbor of the Cupertino company, Google could be of great help to Apple. Indeed, the Menlo Park firm has already tried in the past to produce products like Apple Glass, with Google Glass. The connected glasses of the Californian firm will therefore necessarily be very close to those of Google.

This is great for Apple, as Google just held its annual developer conference, where it showed off a lot of new devices and features for its already existing products. Some people have also noticed that Google was not asked to follow the example, not to say copy, Apple in certain areas.

Apple could use Google technologies?

The opposite being totally possible in the world of tech, here are some points that could serve as inspiration for Apple and its next products:

According to Macworld, Apple could take a cue from Google, especially when it comes to the Pixel tablet. The latter is designed by Google to be used mainly in landscape mode, unlike the iPad, used mainly in portrait. While Apple already sells covers designed to support the iPad in landscape with the use of a keyboard, the solution is not yet taken to the extreme as on the Pixel, where the camera is placed on the long side of the tablet.

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The other big point on which Apple could take an example from Google is of course the voice assistant. If Siri is a solution that has made great progress in recent years, it remains light years ahead of Google’s solution. The Cupertino company could thus offer a Look and Talk function, which allows you to wake up the voice assistant, without giving the activation word. A solution not yet present on Siri, but which has already arrived on Google Assistant.

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