Apple could face antitrust lawsuits

Apple could face antitrust lawsuits

At the end of an investigation, the British competition and markets authority (CMA) has ruled. According to her, Apple and Google have too much control over the market for operating systems, application stores, and web browsers.

This situation results in ” less competition (…) It also seems that consumers do not take full advantage of new innovative products and services “, Worries the organization.

Apple has decided to give up ballast in favor of developers

The CMA also explains:

Apple and Google have developed a vise-like grip on the way we use mobile phones and we are concerned that millions of people across the UK are losing out. (…) But it’s easy to forget that they also set all the rules, whether it’s determining which apps are available on their app stores or making it difficult to switch to other browsers on our phones. This control can limit innovation and choice, and lead to higher prices, which is not good news for users.

To deal with it, the authority suggests some changes. In particular, it should simplify the switch for users between iOS and Android phones when they want to replace their device without losing functionality or data.

Developers should also be able to give their customers the ability to pay in-app without having to go through Apple and Google’s payment systems. Finally, it is proposed to leave Internet users more alternatives for web browsers, in particular ” making sure they can easily set which browser they use as their default.

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For now, Apple and Google will not be prosecuted. The CMA is currently holding consultations until February 7, 2022 before publishing a final report of its study in June 2022. As a reminder, Apple has decided to let go of the ballast in favor of developers this summer and announced changes to come on the App Store.

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