Apple could have a very bad third quarter, says Tim Cook

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Apple is often seen as a safe bet on the stock market and as the quarters follow one another, the Apple brand always announces, or almost, results well above the standards of the previous year. Despite the very good figures unveiled by the Cupertino company for the second quarter, the company announced that revenues for the coming quarter would suffer a setback, estimated between 4 and 8 billion dollars.

A drop in income which could have consequences quite quickly for customers of the apple brand. Indeed, the latter could see the price of Apple products increase in the coming months, and the arrival of the new iPhone 14 range could be the spearhead.

Five reasons to explain a drop in income

According to Apple, this price increase can be explained and explained by five main reasons. Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced that the coming quarter will be impacted by the return of the Covid-19 crisis in China, which has enormous repercussions for Apple.

The component shortage that is still ongoing is also affecting the world, and Apple could feel the effects in the coming weeks, as it has always managed to evade the problems for the moment. Tim Cook also explains that the very low level of exchange rates is not a good indicator and that the latter should have consequences on Apple’s profits, in the same way as the dead losses made in Russia because of the war. .

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Finally, the last point on which Tim Cook insisted during the presentation of the figures for the second fiscal quarter is the consequent and global drop in purchasing power. Because of the Covid crisis and the war in Ukraine, inflation is exploding all over the world and the population has less and less means to buy new phones, computers and other Apple products.

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