Apple could have problems with justice because of the batteries of its Apple Watch


A class action lawsuit has just been filed with US justice against Apple. The apple brand is said to have designed its very popular Apple Watch with a basic defect, which would lead to injuries and breakage. Indeed, the complainants explain that the Apple Watch battery is in direct contact with the screen. While this is not a problem in most cases, it can get very annoying when the watch battery starts to swell, which can happen on models at the end of their life. At this point, the battery will fracture the screen, and “razor sharp edges” will leave the chasis of the watch which can injure the owner of the latter.

The group of complainants believes that Apple should have become aware of this problem long before and the Cupertino company should have given an additional space between the battery of the watch and the screen, so that the latter, in cases where they swell , do not come and break the screen. The group explains that Apple could also very well have put in place a protection system to stop the swelling of the battery, before the latter damages the screen.

Apple is aware and has done nothing to prevent this problem.

In order to support his remarks, the civil parties in this trial have come up with a concrete case. It thus presents a man named Chris Smith, the latter being the owner of an Apple Watch Series 3 three years old when the screen suddenly cracked. A few moments later he cut himself trying to activate his watch, carving himself quite deeply. Other cases of this kind have been identified, but none have resulted in really serious injuries.

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The complainants imply in their successive statements that Apple is aware of this defect in its watches, and the Apple brand has never sought to solve the problem, although it has existed since the first generation of the ‘Apple Watch, and is still relevant today with the Apple Watch Series 7.

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