Apple could say stop to the iPhone 6 Plus this year

iPhone 6 Plus

According to an internal company note shared by our colleagues from MacRumors, the iPhone 6 Plus will be placed in the product list “old”From Apple as recently as this month. This means that the manufacturer will then be able to refuse to carry out hardware repairs on the device, unveiled in September 2014 with for the first time a large 5.5-inch screen.

Sales of the product will be phenomenal: it is, still to this day, one of the most sold headed models on the planet according to several studies. However, it will finally be withdrawn from the shelves two years later, but its iconic design will have inspired not only several following generations but also a multitude of competing brands.

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If the iPhone 6 Plus is declared “old” by 2022, it will not be a specific feature, far from it. Apple does the same with its tablets, computers, peripherals and iPods. Recently, we also learned that another reference from the firm has experienced a similar fate: it is the “classic” iPad released in October 2012, the fourth in its collection.

Apple specifies that the “products are considered old“When their marketing stopped”more than five years ago and less than seven years ago“. As for obsolete products, they are obsolete when they “have not been manufactured for more than seven years“. A calculation to keep in mind during your next purchase, which merges with the mandatory two-year manufacturer’s warranty imposed by French law.

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A problem ?

Let’s say you have an iPhone 6 Plus and it still suits you very well, although it is not compatible with iOS 15 unlike its successors. If it encounters a technical problem, the Apple Store may therefore either not have the spare parts necessary to repair it or charge you for the service very expensive.

The best solution is therefore to go through an approved partner store. They are numerous and work hand in hand with Apple – despite some debate – to provide you with a service very similar to that of the Genius Bar. Even better: the prices are often more affordable.

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