Apple could soon launch its own crypto

Apple coin

During the DealBook event, the CEO of Apple was able to discuss with Andrew Ross Sorkin on various topics including the traditional protection of confidentiality that the company offers to its users. But this is probably not the manager’s most significant outing, because at a time when Bitcoin has once again reached its ATH *, virtual currencies were also discussed during the interview.

For Tim Cook, the Apple would have already looked into the subject, but this is not a surprise. Indeed, a job offer clearly mentioning some experience in “alternative payments“Has already been seen from the hand of the brand. Despite everything, this one shows no ambition “immediate”To launch any offer related directly or indirectly to this subject, according to the CEO.

A foray that promises to be major

It is still good to remember that Apple is now present in all sectors of activity, with both a media aggregator (News +), sports lessons (Fitness +), audio content (Music and Podcasts) and visuals (TV +), games (Arcade) and now even a complete software suite for companies called Business Essentials but available only in beta, in the United States, for the moment.

It would therefore not be surprising to see the company confirm its presence in the services market via simple functionalities or even a real platform to exchange cryptocurrencies. Remember, moreover, that via the Cards app – formerly Wallet – merchants already accept the payment of certain transactions directly from an iPhone. On these purchases, Cupertino takes a tidy commission of 30%, or sometimes less when the supplier is a physical store.

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Examples of applications

We can then easily imagine that it will one day be possible to synchronize the accounts of certain specialized online banks such as Binance, or Coinbase in order to be able to use their digital assets in stores with Apple Pay. Retailers where Macs, iPads and other AirPods are sold could also accept such flows, as Tesla has already done with its cars in the past. From there to the creation of a cryptocurrency made in Apple, as seen at Facebook with Diem, there is only one step …

*ATH = all time high, record value

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