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The Prophet Group conducts a major survey of the American population every year to rank the country’s biggest brands according to the relationship they have with their customers and their “relevance” in the daily lives of millions of people. Americans.

Already at the top of the rankings last year, Apple again dominated the debates in 2021, ahead of 292 other firms. On the panel of more than 13,500 people interviewed by Prophet, many recalled how important Apple was in their daily lives. As Marisa Mulvihill, who worked for Prophet on this survey, aptly explains, “Brands that empower consumers to decide how and when they engage win on all counts.”

A point in which Apple excels. The apple brand always offers devices with customizable experiences as desired. An idea that is confirmed by the other brands at the top of this ranking. The top 5 is entirely made up of applications with a link to new technologies, brands that have all understood that personalizing the experience is the key to customer satisfaction.

A ranking in perpetual change

Thus we find Peloton and Spotify to complete the podium, just ahead of Bose and Android, which finishes the top 5. Note that the Calm meditation application makes an excellent introduction, ranking 15th for its first participation.

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But according to Scott Davis, chief officer at Prophet, things could change by next year. The habits and desires of customers are a very variable factor over time, and the end of the pandemic risks restoring colors to other more “physical” brands such as Sephora or Planet Fitness, which have already started a good recovery over the course of this year 2021.

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