Apple iPhone Apple delivers its first rooted iPhones!

Apple delivers its first rooted iPhones!


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If you follow the news of iPhone since their inception, you will know that they have long been criticized for offering an operating system that is too “closed” compared to the competition under Android. The main argument in favor of this limitation, which makes sense, relates to the protection of our personal data.

Indeed, this way, it is more difficult for an average individual to come across a malicious application. Nevertheless, the most seasoned – without spending astronomical sums as schools do – quickly found a solution: the jailbreak. But this technique, strongly discouraged by Apple, would now be a thing of the past …

Selected with great care

The reason ? The bug bounty* from Cupertino, which has just received a serious update. The program, in addition to continuing to compensate for discoveries of critical vulnerabilities in iOS, now provides its own test devices. With almost unlimited access to the system, comparable to god mode from our computers, and delivered directly to your home.

As you can imagine, not everyone can participate. To be eligible, you must, among other things:

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So, still motivated?

*a bug bounty, what’s this ?

– Official


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- Advertisement -Apple delivers its first rooted iPhones!Apple delivers its first rooted iPhones!

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- Advertisement -Apple delivers its first rooted iPhones!Apple delivers its first rooted iPhones!

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