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Tap to Pay Apple

Last February, Apple unveiled the Tap to Pay service as part of the iOS 15.4 beta update. This solution has an air of resemblance to Apple Pay except that this time it allows a person to approach his bank card (or his iPhone) of the iPhone of another person to proceed to the payment.

Apple is betting more and more on services

This option could of course be very useful for traders and it is similar to the TPEs that are sometimes found at the entrances to museums or certain concerts. For several months, we had little news, but things are moving and the Apple brand is giving a little show of force at home in Apple Park.

Thus, recently, visitors can use this service to pay for their purchases. In this video posted on Twitter, we can see the customer of an Apple Store paying his payment to an employee who hands him his iPhone.

It remains to convince traders to take the plunge. We already know that payments via the NFC chip and the Cards app are accepted by nearly nine out of ten stores in the United States alone, which gives an idea of ​​the potential. Apple is still accelerating and has every intention of becoming a player in fintech and more broadly in the service sector.

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We also know that the company recently restructured to make this area of ​​activity even more profitable. You can read our article about it here.

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