Technology Apple Apple detailed its $ 100 million racial equity program

Apple detailed its $ 100 million racial equity program


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Already intervened during the Black Lives Matter movement, Apple boss Tim Cook announced yesterday that the apple brand would commit $ 100 million to a new program for racial equity. Beyond the announcement, which had already been made to the strongest of tensions after the death of George Floyd. Apple this Wednesday, through its CEO, gave the various lines of work that will be fueled by these $ 100 million.

La Pomme explains that this fund will be used for actions for racial equality and to fight racism, mainly in the United States. “We are all responsible for the urgent work of building a fairer and more equitable world. These new projects send a clear signal of Apple’s lasting commitment, ”said Tim Cook at the start of his speech.

Propel Center in Atlanta

The first important point of this announcement is the creation of the “Propel Center”. Apple will contribute $ 25 million. Based in Atlanta, within the city’s university campus, it is expected to accommodate conference rooms and learning labs according to Apple. This center will become a “springboard for communities in America” explained Anthony Oni, of the Southern Company, the other company associated with Apple in this project.

“Apple Academy” in Detroit

Another investment planned by the Cupertino company, the opening of an academy of developers “Apple” in Detroit. The goal announced by Apple is to provide training in application development to all young people in Detroit, whether or not they are currently students at university institutions.

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Apple expects this training to last between 10 and 12 months and hopes to have nearly 1,000 young people in this program each year. It is quite possible that if this program becomes successful it will quickly be exported to other cities in the United States.

$ 20 million investment

Last point presented yesterday by Apple, the rest of the fund should be used in financing and investment in risky projects, to allow greater entrepreneurial freedom for people of color in the United States.

Apple has thus invested nearly $ 10 million with the support of Harlem Capital in New York. The initiative aims to support 1,000 new businesses over the next two decades. Another investment of $ 10 million made by the Cupertino company for the Clear Vision Impact fund. The latter aims to help companies working in underserved areas.

All of these actions will surely be completed over the next few months, as Apple wants to make lasting changes in American society.

Below is the CBS interview with Tim Cook:

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- Advertisement -Apple detailed its $ 100 million racial equity programApple detailed its $ 100 million racial equity program

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- Advertisement -Apple detailed its $ 100 million racial equity programApple detailed its $ 100 million racial equity program

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