Apple dominates 5nm chip production

A14 Bionic

A new report from Counterpoint has just said that Apple is likely to retain a significant market lead when it comes to 5nm chips. According to this analysis, the apple brand should, in 2021, produce more than half of the chips on the market.

In the document it is explained that the situation of electronic chip manufacturers had been good in 2020 and that it should be the same in 2021. After Apple, Qualcomm, the main supplier in the market, is expected to manufacture the most these chips, about 1/4 of world production over the next twelve months.

On the third step of the podium, far behind the two Californian companies, is Samsung. The South Korean giant is only responsible for 5% of the production of 5nm chips today. The demand for these objects is also less strong at Samsung than at Apple. The Apple brand must produce its own A14 chips, while Samsung sources most of its models from Qualcomm.

5 nm today, 4 tomorrow and after?

The change that is taking place between chips engraved in 7 nm and that in 5 nm should further accelerate in the coming months with the arrival of 5G and other technologies requiring even greater performance.

Also according to the report Apple should even abandon its 5 nm chips for 5 nm + during this year 2021. The next chip from the Apple brand could indeed be equipped with this brand new technology, before switching in 2022 towards chips engraved in 4 nm, see 3 nm according to some experts of the firm. The jump from 5 to 3 nm seems complicated to achieve, even for Apple, which could, given its lead, afford a year of transition with 4 nm chips.

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