Apple doubles some revenues with iPhone 11 and 12

iPhone 12

California-based Apple has worldwide sales of $ 83.4 billion and net profit of $ 20.6 billion. It would also have succeeded in establishing itself in the Indian market, doubling its turnover there during fiscal year 2021.

The American giant imposes itself on emerging markets

Last month, Tim Cook said he was setting new records in every geographic area with double-digit growth on all fronts. Indeed, it is not only in India that Apple has doubled its turnover. The brand has been so successful in Vietnam. But in Q3 2021, Apple mostly continued to carve out a lion’s share of the Indian market, capitalizing on buyers’ interest in its products during year-end sales that s. ‘announce a little earlier than usual.

What is still quite surprising is the fact that it is the previous generations of iPhone – in particular the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 11 – which are at the origin of these sales records. It must be said that Apple owes its current success mainly to the increase in the shares of local assembly in its products, to its effective sales policy, including online, and also to the aggressiveness of its marketing campaign during the end of year sales. So, despite some difficulties encountered in terms of supply, Apple is doing quite well since it has every chance of setting a new sales record in India at Christmas.

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iPhone 12 and iPhone 11, the best sales

As seen above, it is the devices from previous generations, in particular the iPhone 11 and 12, which are positioned at the top of the best sales in India. The iPhone 12 would swallow up a 31% share of the market while the iPhone 11 would occupy 28%. That would translate into 150% annual growth and an equally impressive 28% quarterly growth recorded by Apple in India.

It’s worth pointing out that iPad sales are also impressive. The brand is taking advantage of the increase in the number of teleworkers due to the COVID crisis. During this year-end season, Indian resellers have also offered significant discounts on the iPhone 11 and 12. So let’s not be surprised if the iPhone 12 still tops the best seller for the next quarter.

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